Song Submissions for The A.C.T. Intl Worship, Vol. 1

Artists in Christian Testimony (A.C.T.) Intl, through its division A.C.T. Music Group, is creating an online original worship song compilation that will be uploaded into CCLI (Christian Copyright Licensing Inc.), the primary tool used by hundreds of thousands of worship leaders worldwide to audition and select new songs to use in their church services. Royalties are generated through copyright registration, download and use of this material and is the primary way worship music composers are compensated for their work in today’s environment.

What We're Looking For

  • Contemporary/modern worship songs 
  • Songs with lyrics suitable for use in a church worship settings
  • Contemporary arrangements of hymns will be accepted
  • No Instrumental only arrangements will be accepted
  • Demo or Fully Mastered songs will be accepted
  • Lyric and chord sheets are not required
  • Submissions due by September 1, 2021

We are seeking new and original contemporary worship songs of 3-6 minutes duration for this online project. We are looking for songs that would fit in a set of songs from Hillsong, Worship Together, Elevation Worship, Bethel Music, Indelible Grace, etc. No physical product will be created for sale or distribution; it is strictly for download and performance through CCLI/Song Select. We plan to actively promote these songs through a variety of platforms including Song Discovery, Worship Underground and others. We are creating an A.C.T. Music Group YouTube channel as well. While we might accept outside song submissions, we are starting with our A.C.T. staff. (Note: not every writer has to be with A.C.T., but at least one does and all must agree to the terms.)

No fees will be charged to submit songs nor will be paid for your submission. All material will be held securely until if and when a single-song publishing agreement has been executed.

What We Need From You

  • An original 3-6 minute worship song in low rez mp3 only (20mb or smaller)
  • Include your last name and title of your song in the mp3 file you submit. (Example: JonesPraiseGod.mp3)
  • If you do not have an mp3 version of your song, you may provide a link in the form below when you submit your song
  • Submit your song below before September 1, 2021

Submit Your Song

The Legal Stuff

A.C.T. Music Group has publishing companies with both ASCAP and BMI.  At this time we do not have a SESAC company. You must be affiliated with either ASCAP or BMI to receive royalties.  If you have not yet affiliated, you can do so by visiting either or  However it is NOT necessary to do so unless and until your song has been selected for inclusion.
FYI, by statute, every song is considered to be composed of 200% copyright: 100% songwriter share and 100% publisher share.
For any songs selected for inclusion in this project, called “A.C.T. Intl Worship, Vol. 1,” A.C.T. Music Group will require ownership in the following manner:
  • For songs submitted that are of broadcast master quality, A.C.T. Music Group will require 50% of the publishing share of the copyright; in other words “co-publishing” with your own publishing company if you have one. (However, unless alternate arrangements are made, we will require administration.)
  • For songs that are not broadcast master quality (“demo” / demonstration quality only), which will require a studio recording, A.C.T. Music Group will require 100% of the publishing share of the copyright since we will absorb the cost of the master recording.
  • The songwriter share shall remain 100% with the writer, unless we request to participate in changes that might generate a percentage of songwriter credit.  We hope to avoid this.
  • Any administrative fees will be deducted accordingly if we enter into an administration arrangement with a larger company such as Capitol CMG or Music Services, Inc, which is likely.
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